Advanced Functions and Formula



Excel has over 400 functions but many of them are specialised ones (e.g. engineering, statistical and financial). This workshop covers some of the most important, commonly used ones to help you use Excel effectively and creatively in your business. The ultimate power of the functions comes from using them in combinations and nesting them to solve problems quickly and effectively.


Requirements: Attendees must have their own laptops (not Tablets) with full Microsoft Excel, version 2007 or higher. (To check version, open a spreadsheet, click on File then Account.)


Skills needed:

This is an advanced level workshop. You will be a confident user of Excel with a good knowledge of how basic formula work. You are welcome to contact the trainer if you are unsure of your level.


Skills covered:

Entering and editing formula:  common formula errors; absolute and relative references; error checking & auditing.

Lookup functions: VLOOKUP(), INDEX(), MATCH(),  XLOOKUP() (2019 and 365 versions only)

Logical functions: IF(), OR(), AND(), IFS() (2016 + versions), SUMIFS(), COUNTIFS()


This two hour workshop is offered at the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce's training room from time to time and is also available for individual businesses and can be adapted to suit their needs.