Macros and an Introduction to VBA

Skills needed: This is an intermediate level course and while no knowledge of macros is required, attendees should be reasonably confident users of Excel spreadsheets and the ribbon tabs.

Requirements: Attendees should have their own laptop/computer with Microsoft Excel, version 2010 or higher. (To check version, open a spreadsheet, click on File then Account).

Skills introduced: Macros allow repetitive tasks and actions to be automated, saving time and reducing errors. For example: to set up and format worksheets and reports, analyse data, create invoices, update records, insert text that is repeated often and repeat common actions in several worksheets or workbooks. Macros are stored as VBA which is Microsoft’s programming language. The workshop will focus on making macros but will briefly look at the code and make some minor adjustments to it however, this is not a programming workshop.


Workshop: This 2 hour workshop is offered at the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce, New Plymouth from time to time and is also available for one-on-one or small group training. It can also be adapted to meet your specific needs. Email or phone for details.