Excel workshop: Date and Time functions



This workshop covers some of the most important date and time functions used in business applications to help you create and maintain timesheets, work-logs, invoices and orders, stock control  and project management activities.


Skills needed:

This is an intermediate level workshop so you will be a reasonably confident user of Excel with a knowledge of how basic formula work.


Skills covered:

The workshop will cover the following:

  • formatting dates and times;

  • using arithmetical calculations and date and time functions to:

    1.  work out timesheets,

    2. apply date and time stamps,

    3. track hours worked,

    4. calculate differences between dates,

    5. calculate working days with or without weekends and holidays,

    6. calculate differences between dates,

    7. use conditional formatting to highlight dates​


The functions covered will include:

TODAY(), NOW(), DATE(year,month,day), EDATE(), WEEKNUM(), WEEKDAY(), WORKDAY(), INTWORKDAY(), NETWORKDAYS(), DATEDIF(), TIME(hour,minute,second).