Microsoft Excel: Intermediate/Advanced Workshop

Skills needed: Take your basic Excel skills up to a new level and work more efficiently and effectively with this workshop. Master some of the advanced uses of Excel Tables, format your data accurately and learn some of the some popular and most effective business formula.


Requirements: Attendees must bring their own laptops (not Tablets) with full Microsoft Excel, version 2010 or higher. (To check version, open a spreadsheet, click on File then Account.)


Skills introduced:

  • General workbook/worksheets general tips

  • Number formatting including Custom formatting of dates and numbers

  • Advanced Excel Tables features including advanced filtering and sorting including Slicers, Forms for entering data, and structured referenced formula

  • Formula & Functions including:

    • Absolute & Relative references

    • Logical functions: IF, AND, OR, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS

    • Lookup functions: VLOOKUP




Numbers will be limited because the workshop is interactive, with attendees getting hands-on experience. Raw data to work with and detailed notes will be provided.

This two hour workshop is offered at the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce's training room from time to time and is also available for individual businesses and can be adapted to suit their needs.