Google Docs



Google Docs is a free word-processing programme available to anyone with a Google account. Many businesses are finding that working with both Docs and Google Sheets has many advantages for productivity and collaboration. Docs can perform all the word-processing functions that most users would need. 


Skills needed:

This is a basic level course for those who would like to become proficient in Google's word-processing programme and produce professional looking documents.



Attendees must bring their own laptops (not tablets) and have a Google account (usually through having a Gmail account). The workshop will require the internet which will be provided but attendees should ensure that their computers can log onto the internet. It may be advisable to come to the session a few minutes earlier to set things up.


Skills introduced:

File Sharing: How to share a file and how to manage a file shared with you; creating folders, communicating while sharing: using comments, chats and emailing selected sharers; downloading a file.


Introduction to Docs

Opening and naming a new document,

Saving and creating new folders and moving documents to folders,  

Page setup, Version history, Modes,

Text styles and Outline and Table of Contents,

Paint formatting, Headers & Footers,

Spelling check, Word count, Compare documents, Explore, Preferences - substitution of text,

Inserting Images, Tables, Headers & Footers, Page and Section breaks.

 features” such as sorting and filtering.