New Zealand Industry Qualifications (NZIQ)

Excel Training Taranaki is proud to announce that it has become a NZIQ Authorised Reseller.

This means that we can now assist clients wishing to gain an internationally recognised industry/business qualification.

Click here to see a list of qualifications available: qualification list.

Certification and the world of Business and Industry

Q       What is meant by ‘Certification’?

A          A certification is any credential that an individual can earn or achieve that validates a level of knowledge or skill set related to a specific subject or discipline.


Q        Why should an individual or professional earn a certification?

A          Certifications serve as a credible, third-party assessment of one’s skills and knowledge.  They are created by or supported by industry-recognised businesses or organisations.  Your local New Zealand Industry Qualifications Authorised Reseller has access to globally recognised certifications from the likes of Microsoft (Excel, Word, Outlook Power Point), Adobe, and Apple to name a few.


Q        What are the benefits of certification for individuals?

A          Whether you are looking for your first job, a new job, or want to show your current employer the skills you have that are an asset to their business. Enhanced credibility in your skill set, sets you apart from the crowd.


Q        What are the benefits of certification for businesses?

A          Bottom line.  Increased productivity.  Your employees can demonstrate they have an advanced working knowledge of the in-demand skill set, creating efficiency in their use of the tools they use to fulfil their role.  Every.  Single.  Day.


Q        Why are certifications considered relevant credentials?

A          Many businesses and associations look upon certifications as an assurance of a potential employees’ ability to perform a job or task.  Voluntary certifications can also be seen as evidence of an individual’s personal drive and motivation.


Q        How can an NZIQ Authorised Reseller help you gain access to certification?

A          Our NZIQ Authorised Resellers have access to all the tools you need to get you started on your certification journey.  From information, learning materials, practice tests, and access to the certification exam.  Everything you need to succeed is available to purchase from your local NZIQ Authorised Reseller.


Q        Who is my local NZIQ Authorised Reseller?

A        Excel Training Taranaki