Pivot Tables Workshop


Skills needed: This is an intermediate level workshop for  reasonably confident  users of Excel.


Skills introduced: Pivot Tables are powerful tools for summarising, sorting, re-orgnising and grouping data in a sophisticated and meaningful way and they can also form the basis for developing Dashboards.


The workshop will cover:

  • preparing the data,

  • creating and modifying Pivot Tables,

  • formatting Pivot Table fields,

  • inserting grand-totals, sub- totals & filters,

  • report layouts,

  • grouping data.


The workshop will serve as a foundation for the more advanced Power Pivot Power Query and the Data Model workshop.


Interactive workshop: The workshop is interactive, and attendees will get hands-on experience creating and modifying a Pivot Table. Raw data to work with and notes will be provided.

This two hour workshop is offered at the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce's training room from time to time and is also available for individual businesses and can be adapted to suit their needs.