Power BI Desktop workshop


Introduction and skills introduced:

Power BI (Business Intelligence)  is a stand-alone Microsoft business intelligence software that is free to download. There is also a mobile version for Apple and Android.


This workshop is an introduction to Power BI Desktop which is a very powerful data analysis tool that makes data analysis relatively straight forward. It can analyse vast amounts of data, from a variety of sources (e.g. internet, Excel, Access, CSV files, text files, external databases SQL etc.) and provide clear understandable visualisation of the data in the form of reports, charts, maps, and dashboards, which can be shared.


Power BI uses the same engine to “get and transform data” that Excel uses in the form of Power Query and Power Pivot and Calculated Fields.


Power Pivot allows for the data to be collected and “cleaned”  (the data is cleaned by changing it, adding, deleting, or modifying columns, and inserting calculations). Where necessary various tables of data can be linked and relationships formed between them to enable more effective analysis.


You will need to have downloaded Power BI Desktop onto your laptop (Ctrl + Click:  Downloads | Microsoft Power BI). 

This is an Intermediate/Advanced level workshop and so you should be familiar with Excel tables and have some basic knowledge of Pivot Tables. Any knowledge of Power Pivot and Power Query will also be useful but is not essential. You are welcome to contact the trainer to discuss whether the workshop may be suitable for you.


This two hour workshop is offered at the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce's training room from time to time and is also available for individual businesses and can be adapted to suit their needs.