Google Sheets vs. Excel Workshop



Google Sheets is a free spreadsheet programme available to anyone with a Google account. Many businesses are finding that working with both Excel and Sheets has many advantages for productivity and collaboration. Sheets can perform all the spreadsheet functions that most users would need and has several important advantages over Excel. This workshop will compare Sheets to Excel and allow you to use your Excel skills in Sheets and at the same time take advantage of the extra features that Sheets offers especially in sharing, collaborating with others using the same sheet at the same time. It will also cover some of the basic features of Sheets and how to quickly an easily convert from Excel to Sheets and vice versa.

Attendees will use their existing knowledge of Excel and apply it to Sheets and learn some of Sheets’ basic functions.


Skills needed:

This is a intermediate level course for those who use Excel and who would like to also become proficient in Sheets to be able to take advantage of using the two applications together.



Attendees must bring their own laptops (not tablets) with Excel and have a Google account (usually through having a Gmail account). The workshop will require the internet which will be provided but attendees should ensure that their computers can log onto the internet. It may be advisable to come to the session a few minutes earlier to set things up.


Skills introduced:

Besides a general comparison between Sheets and Excel, the workshop will focus on those features that are unique to Sheets such as collaborative usage and sharing; version history, working offline; transferring worksheets between Excel and Sheets as well as some of Sheets’ functions, such as: “table-like features” such as sorting and filtering.