Basic Workshop


Skills needed: This is a basic level workshop for self-taught users of Word who would like to consolidate and develop their skills, to be able to create professional looking documents and become more competent users.


Requirements: Attendees should have their own computer/laptop (not Tablet) with full Microsoft Word, version 2007 or higher. (To check version, open a document, click on File then Account).


Skills introduced:  1. Inserting and formatting: text, paragraphs, pages, page breaks, images, headers & footers, bullet points & numbering; 2. Printing and exporting documents; 3. Quick Access Toolbar; 4. Editing documents; 5. Auto Correct 6. Styles & Themes.


Interactive workshop: The workshop is interactive, and attendees will get hands-on experience transforming a document containing only plain text to a professional looking one containing all the above features. Raw data to work with and notes will be provided.

This two hour workshop is offered at the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce's training room from time to time and is also available for individual businesses and can be adapted to suit their needs.